Hand Pack Additive, 1kg

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Hand Pack Addative

Hand Pressed technique is unique in appearance. Hand Pressed can be manipulated to create veins and voids, each piece will be different from the last.

Grouting is required and can have multiple layers of grout in a variety of colours to fill voids and create texture and tone.

Hand Pressed should be a dryer mixer, this mix will not leave moisture on your glove when pressed in hand.

Note: As Hand Pressed is a very individual mix, we recommend one person press a project.

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Adding Hand Pack Addative to Alpha GFRC Premix: https://domcrete.com.au/product/alpha-gfrc-mix/

Mixing Instructions:

  • Hand Pack Additive: 80g – 160g per 20kg
  • Mechanically mix for 3-5 minutes

Fibre Dosage:

  • AR Glass Fibre: 500g per 20kg (required only for your backer coat)
  • High Disperse Fibres: 50g – 100g per 20kg (required only for your facecoat)

Use clean, dry mixing equipment or handheld mixers

  • Dry blend Alpha GFRC Premix with Iron Oxide
  • Add 80% of water and blend
  • Add remaining 20% of water and continue to blend until homogeneous.
  • After initial blend, slowly add AR Glass Fibres / High Disperse Fibres within your mix.
  • If a more fluid consistency is required, small dosages of Alpha Powder Water Reducer can be slowly introduced within the mix.

Note: Mixing too long or at too high a speed after AR Glass Fibre has been added can damage the fibre, resulting in placement issues and reduced strength.

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