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Rubber Mould and GFRC Training Course

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3 Day GFRC Training Course (#4)
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Master GFRC in Just 3 Days with Hands-On Training

Domcrete GFRC 3 Day Rubber Mould Making and GFRC Training offer a comprehensive learning experience for both beginners and experienced individuals interested in working with GFRC & Moulds. Here are some of the highlights of these training sessions:

Mold Making Training Sessions:

  • Preparation: Setting up shop, understanding equipment, ensuring safety, and learning about production processes.
  • Mould Design and Construction: Gaining knowledge about designing and constructing moulds effectively.
  • Choosing Mould Material: Understanding how to select the right mould material for your specific project.
  • Mould Rubber Techniques: Experiencing Silicone, Urethane and Plastics.
  • Material Handling: Learning the proper handling of mould rubber and other Smooth-On products.
  • Sealing and Release Agents: Selecting the appropriate sealing and release agents based on model composition and mould material.

Concrete Casting Training Sessions:

  • Templating and Form Building: Overview of templating and form building for various decorative projects like concrete benchtops and furniture and bathroom ware, vessel and integral.
  • Concrete Mix Design Basics: Understanding the fundamentals of GFRC mix design.
  • Product Selection: Choosing the right concrete mix for your project and needs.
  • Hand Press Technique: Learning the Signature Press Technique
    Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC): Experience in spraying GFRC for spray spray up technique
  • Mixing and Casting Techniques: Properly mixing, modifying, and casting of GFRC/SCC Mix Design.
  • Colour Techniques: Using Iron Oxides integral pigments to achieve unique colour finishes.
  • Additives: Exploring the use of plasticizers, reinforcements, and other additives.
  • Curing Techniques: Understanding how to attain maximum strength through proper curing techniques.
  • Finishing: Achieving the perfect finish through sanding, honing, and wet vs. dry polishing.
    Sealer Selection: Learning how to choose the right sealer for your specific project.

Limited Class Sizes:

To ensure a focused and effective learning experience, class sizes are limited, allowing for individualized guidance and support. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced concrete enthusiast, the goal is to help you succeed in working with artisan materials.

Hands-On Experience:

Participants will have the opportunity to mix and create their own moulds and concrete castings. The concrete team will provide guidance, emphasizing best practices while highlighting common mistakes to avoid.

These training sessions not only equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to kickstart an artisan concrete business, but for novice wanting to try their hand in DIY concrete creations. The emphasis on hands-on learning, individualized attention, and open discussions makes these sessions valuable for anyone interested in mould making and GFRC casting.

Date: Thursday, 9th May to Saturday, 11th May 2024 (3 Days)
Location: Domcrete GFRC Training Facility – 28, 29 Coombes Drive, Penrith 2750

Morning tea and lunch are provided each day