PVA Fibre, RECS 100, 450g

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PVA Fibres (polyvinyl alcohol) RECS 100 are high-performance reinforcement fibres for concrete and mortar.

PVA fibres are well-suited for a wide variety of applications because of their superior crack-fighting properties, high modulus of elasticity, excellent tensile and molecular bond strength, and high resistance to alkali, UV, chemicals, fatigue and abrasion.

PVA fibres are unique in their ability to create a molecular bond with mortar and concrete that is 300% greater than other fibres.

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These are monofilament fibres that are available in 2 different deniers (diameter of the fibre) – 15 and 100. The fibre lengths are 5/16” (PVA15), and 1/2” (PVA100). Due to the fine nature of these fibres, and the fact that they disperse into monofilament fibres, they are less likely to be visible in finished surface. How visible they are in relation to each other is in direct proportion to their various diameters (15 is least visible, 100 is most visible).


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