Alpha WR135 Liquid Plasticizer

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Alpha WR135 is a versatile liquid plasticizer designed to improve the workability and performance of concrete mixes. It is suitable for various applications, including SCC, GFRC, ECC and mix adjustments. However, careful dosage and testing are essential to ensure the desired results and prevent mix segregation.


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Alpha WR135 is a liquid plasticizer specifically formulated for use with Alpha high-performance concrete mixes. It offers a range of benefits and applications in concrete mixing:

  1. Versatile Water Reduction: Alpha WR135 is designed to reduce the amount of water required in concrete mixes while maintaining or even enhancing their workability. This property makes it suitable for various concrete applications.
  2. Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC): It is effective in producing self-consolidating concrete (SCC). SCC is a specialized type of concrete that flows and settles under its own weight without the need for vibration. It is often used in situations where traditional concrete placement methods are difficult.
  3. GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Mixes: Alpha WR135 can be used to create GFRC mixes. At lower dosages, it provides the necessary fluidity for spraying GFRC mixes without causing excessive sag or slump. GFRC is commonly used in decorative concrete applications and architectural elements.
  4. Compatibility with Other Water Reducers: It can be used in conjunction with other water reducers such as Alpha Powder Water Reducer. This allows for greater flexibility in adapting concrete mixes to specific project requirements or environmental conditions.
  5. Mixing and Testing: It is recommended to make test batches of 5-10kg of concrete to become familiar with how Alpha WR135 affects your mix. This helps ensure you use the appropriate dosage for your specific application. The product can be added to the mix water or during the mixing cycle.
  6. Caution: Avoid overusing water reducers, as excessive dosage can lead to mix segregation. It’s important to find the right balance to achieve the desired workability without compromising the integrity of the concrete.
  7. Testing Prior to Production: Always conduct test batches before full-scale production to determine the optimal dosage for your specific project.

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