Alpha Concrete Sealer – Part C

$48.00 + Gst ($52.80 AUD)

Alpha Concrete Sealer Part C is an optional additional strengthener for the final coat of sealing. Part C will assist with providing additional protection and scratch resistance. Great for use on all concrete projects sealed with Alpha – particularly those that receive high impact or high traffic. For example: GFRC benchtops, splash backs, basins, tables and other furniture.

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Alpha Concrete Sealer is a specially formulated two part, water borne aliphatic-polyurethane sealer that provides excellent stain and abrasion resistance. Alpha Concrete Sealer is a high performance, low-sheen and food safe sealer designed for use on concrete countertops, furniture and concrete art.

Part C: 5% of material weight – Before water.
For final coat only. 

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Weight 350 kg