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Glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) sinks & basins offer a stylish, modern alternative to traditional kitchen and bathroom sinks. These concrete sinks are reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fibres or in some cases a PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) Fibre, providing exceptional durability and customisability to suit any design vision.

With GFRC, the shape possibilities for sinks are virtually unlimited – rectangular, oval, circular or completely freeform designs can be created. Sinks & basins can integrate additional features like drainboards, backsplashes or shelving. The surface can have unique textures from smooth to exposed aggregate finishes. Vibrant colour options are possible by integral pigmenting of the concrete mix or even the addition of marble chip to mimic terrazzo finishes.

While offering the beauty of solid concrete, GFRC sinks are significantly lighter in weight thanks to the glass fibre reinforcement rather than steel reinforcement. This reinforcement provides strength and flexibility, allowing very thin sink designs that are still highly resistant to impacts and stresses. The lightweight nature makes GFRC sinks easier to install compared to solid concrete.

GFRC’s versatility makes it suitable for kitchen sinks in single or double-bowl configurations, bathroom vanity sinks, bar or prep sinks, and even outdoor sinks or wash basins in alfresco areas. The material can be used for undermount or overmount sink installations.

Benefits Over Other Materials

Compared to solid surface, stainless steel or natural stone sinks, GFRC provides far more customisation possibilities in shape, texture and colour. It can seamlessly integrate with surrounding countertops and splashbacks. 

As a product made from natural materials, GFRC is an environmentally sustainable choice. Minor repair is possible by sanding or polishing out light scratches.

Manufacturing Process

Each GFRC sink is custom-made by fabricating a mould based on the specific design requirements. Advanced casting techniques like spraying a face coat are used to create the sink shape. Specialised curing processes ensure maximum strength is achieved. Polishing and sealing options allow for achieving the desired finish from honed to glossy.

Design Considerations

Integrated overflows and drains can be incorporated into GFRC sinks. Accessory features like soap dishes or dispensers can be moulded in. Precise faucet holes and plumbing integration points are customisable.

Get in touch today to start designing your dream GFRC concrete sink for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor space.