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Bespoke GFRC Basin

For a truly opulent and customised bathing experience, GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) & ECC (Engineered Cementitious Composites) bathtubs offer unparalleled design flexibility. These solid concrete tubs reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fibres or in some cases a PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) Fibre, allow creating unique sculptural shapes and finishes not possible with traditional materials. Elevate your bathroom to a personal oasis with a handcrafted GFRC concrete bathtub.

Typical acrylic or fibreglass tubs limit your design to standard rectangular or oval shapes. With GFRC, your bathtub can be moulded into any desired freeform, curved, or organic shape. This allows ergonomically contoured designs that cradle the body for maximum comfort. Sizes can range from petite corner tubs to expansive soaking tubs – the only limit is your imagination.

Textures and Finishes

Beyond unique shaping, GFRC tubs offer infinite options in textures and finishes. The concrete face can be polished completely smooth or textured like natural stone. Aggregates can be exposed for an organic, pitted appearance. Colours span the entire spectrum using integral pigments – from bold, saturated hues to soft, earthy tones. Finishes range from a raw, industrial look to highly polished mirror-like gloss.

Built for Luxury

While incredibly lightweight compared to solid concrete, GFRC & ECC tubs are highly durable and scratch/stain resistant when properly sealed. The alkali-resistant glass fibre reinforcement provides excellent flexural strength for peace of mind.

Customisation Process

Bringing a GFRC bathtub vision to life starts with a collaborative consultation with the manufacturer. Discuss size, shape, colour, and finish requirements. 3D design or physical modelling follows to map out every detail. A custom mould is then fabricated to cast the tub to exact specifications. After curing for maximum strength, surface polishing and sealing completes the process.

Sustainable Luxury

In addition to remarkable aesthetics, GFRC & ECC bathtubs are an eco-friendly choice compared to conventional materials. As a product derived from natural minerals like cement and GFRC has a low environmental impact. Its longevity and durability avoids the need to frequently replace your bathtub like with lower-quality materials.

Elevate your bathing space beyond the ordinary with a handcrafted GFRC & ECC concrete bathtub customised to your vision. Get in touch today to start the design consultation.