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Get the Alpha Concrete Sealer for your Construction Project - Australia

Glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) benchtops provide endless design flexibility for creating bespoke, durable, and lightweight kitchen and bathroom benchtops. GFRC allows creating thin, lightweight concrete benchtops in virtually any shape, texture and colour to match your unique vision.

Customisable Style

With GFRC, you can achieve virtually any benchtop design you can imagine. GFRC premixes and specialty ingredients like pigments and fibres allow you to fully customise your concrete creations.


Integrally coloured GFRC allows creating benchtops in bold colors or subtle, natural concrete tones. Pure iron oxide pigments can be added to GFRC mixes to achieve vivid colours or stain-like effects. For example, a vibrant red benchtop or a subtle blush tone. The pigments ensure colour consistency and vibrancy.


GFRC can be imprinted, pressed, or textured to create unique surface designs. Imprint custom textures using mould patterns. Create a rippled or stone-like finish. Or, press the GFRC into the mould to create seamless textures. The flexibility allows matching other finishes like wood or natural stone.


Truly customise your benchtop by moulding curves, edges, cutouts for sinks, built-in drainboards, laminations with other materials like wood or metal, and more. GFRC allows creating thin spans, cantilevers, and unique shapes not possible with other materials.

Thin and Lightweight

GFRC benchtops are extremely thin and lightweight compared to traditional concrete. By reinforcing the concrete with alkali-resistant glass fibres rather than rebar and steel mesh, we can create concrete benchtops with a thickness of just 20-25mm. The glass fibre reinforcement results in high strength and flexibility while reducing weight significantly. GFRC benchtops weight at least 75% less than steel-reinforced concrete. This provides advantages for transport, installation and reducing load on your cabinetry.


While thin, GFRC benchtops offer superb durability and longevity. The compressive and flexural strength of GFRC rivals that of natural stone. Properly cured GFRC is waterproof, fire-resistant, stain-resistant and can last a lifetime with proper care.

GFRC vs Engineered Stone

GFRC provides comparable durability and care requirements as engineered stone benchtops, while providing far more design flexibility. Engineered stone is limited in shape, texture and colour options since it’s factory produced. GFRC is hand-crafted providing endless customisation.

Perfect for Builders and Architects

GFRC is a perfect material for builders and architects looking to provide one-of-a-kind concrete benchtops. The ability to mould complex shapes allows creating flowing concrete designs integrated with other building materials. The lightweight nature and fabrication directly onsite reduces transportation complexity and allows installation in upper levels. Contact suppliers to learn how GFRC can elevate your next kitchen or bathroom project.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the possibilities for creating stunning GFRC benchtops.