Alpha ECC Premix

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Alpha ECC Premix is an engineered formula, dense and strong concrete that is ideal when a burnished surface or insitu casting is required. Alpha ECC Premix uses all white ingredients, naturally curing to bone white. The mix has all the necessary high-performance ingredients preblended, including curing polymer, water reducer, defoamer, shrink reducer and wetting agents. Meaning, water, reinforcement and pigment (if desired) is all that is required.

Alpha ECC Premix uses all white ingredients, naturally curing to bone white. When adding Domcrete Iron Oxides possibility of colours are endless.

– Trowelable Mix Design
– Insitu Castings
– High performances engineered cements
– Quick cure and demould times
– No batching required
– Premium white in colour

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Use this tool to determine how many Alpha Premix Bags are required to complete your project.

Countertop Measurements


Total surface area of your countertop.

The perimeter of the countertop that will have a drop edge.

Thickness of the drop edge. How thick do you want this piece to appear.

Depth of the drop edge. Note: Take into account cabinetry thickness and door hardware.

Core thickness across the countertop. General recommendation between 20-25mm .
Total surface area of your countertop.

Core thickness across the countertop. General recommendation between 20-25mm.
Alpha Premix Bags Required :   KG (  bags)


Mixing Instructions:
Application, Advantages and Solutions:
– Replacing 1/3 of the required water with ice, in warm months will allow for further work time
– Add Iron Oxides if required to achieve desired colour
– Cure concrete under white geo-fab, plastic and packing blankets for best curing results
– Alpha Powder Water Reducer will assist in achieving a high fluid mix

Important Information:
3.2-3.4kg chilled water per 20kg bag
Mechanical ix 10-15 minutes
One Coat Fibre Loading:
PVA 15: 140g per 20kg
PVA 100: 40g per 20kg

Mixing Instructions:
Use clean, dry mixing equipment or handheld mixers
– Dry blend Alpha ECC Premix with Iron Oxide
– Add water and blend
– Add ice and continue blend until homogeneous.
– After initial blend, slowly add PVA / High Disperse Fibres within your mix.
– If a more fluid consistency is required, small dosages of Alpha Powder Water Reducer can be slowly introduced within the mix.

Note: Ensure a fibre’s are fully dispersed through our mix.

Casting Technique:
Alpha ECC Premix is a highly engineered mix. This mix is allowing for burnishment on the topcoat. ECC can be precast, cast in-situ as well as off form. Recommend to follow the fibre loadings set out within the above mix instructions for best success

To ensure that concrete reaches its maximum potential, place white geo-fab, layer plastic sheeting followed by packaging blankets will keep the moisture from escaping. Demold after 24-48 hours, depending on environment and weather conditions.

Polishing can be done wet or dry. To maintain the cream layer, lightly polish the concrete using pads that are 200 grit or 400 grit. To achieve a sand exposure finish begin grinding with coarser grit pads, progressing to finer grits until desired exposure is reached.

Allowing your concrete to cure full prior to sealing for optimum sealer performance is essential. Sealing your concrete using Alpha Concrete Countertop Sealer. Refer to Alpha Concrete Countertop Sealer guide for sealing application.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

20KG White, Pallet – 56 Bags White



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