Smooth On Turbine Mixer

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Turbine Mixers can be used to mix two-part compounds fast by attaching the mixer to any variable speed drill.

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Some Considerations When Working With Turbine Mixers…

  • While mixing two components of a material together using a Turbine Mixer is effective, we still recommend scraping the sides and bottom of the mixing container with a straight-edge spatula to make sure there is no unmixed material left in the mixing container.
  • Using a variable speed drill with a Turbine Mixer attached to blend materials WILL whip air into the mixture. Air in the mixture could yield bubbles in the material after it has fully cured; usually bubbles are not desired. So if using a Turbine Mixer to blend Parts A & B together, it is recommended to Vacuum Degass the mixed material prior to pouring to reduce the amount of air in the rubber.

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