Tonachino Toscano 21kg


Tonachino Toscano is an Italian lime based render made of slaked lime, river sand and marble dust. It has a warmth and matt finish with a velvet feel and a dramatic sand finish appearance. It is the typical product used in the houses of Tuscany to create an aged and weathered look. Easy to apply and exceptionally durable.

21kg will cover approximately 8sqm (2 coats). 

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Weight 22.0 kg

Tonachino Toscano: Lime Render

Instructions for use: 

1. Apply 1 coat of Primus Naturale.

2. Apply 1 coat of Tonachino Toscano with a common trowel.
3. Apply a second coat of Tonachino Toscano, spray a bit of water and float it with a sponge float.

4. After 48 hours, apply 1 coat of Marmorino Shield with a sponge to seal.

Tonachino Toscano Lime Render