Poly Blue Concrete Polishing Pads, Full Set


Full set includes:
One Each: Step 1 (400grit), Step 2 (800grit), Step 3 (1500grit) & Step 4 (3000grit).

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Each 5″ Poly Blue Concrete Polishing Pad contains thousands of micro-sized diamonds uniquely impregnated into a poly scrubbing pad. Poly Blue Concrete pads are designed to revitalize the gloss and depth of dull concrete surfaces sealed or unsealed / new or old.  Attaches easily to any hook & loop backer plate and can be used on hand held or floor polishing machines. Poly Blue Concrete polishing pads can be used on bare concrete and to even out and soften sealed concrete. Very flexible and can be used as a hand pad. Suitable for wet or dry use. Will not bleed colour onto finished surface like competitive products.

Step 1) Removes small scratches and gives the surface a uniform appearance.

  • Stop with step #1 for a low sheen matte finish

Step 2) Begins to produce a shiny finish to the surface.

  • Stop with step #2 for a low gloss eggshell finish

Step 3) Produces a clean & shiny surface and used for regular maintenance.

  • Stop with Step #3 for a shiny gloss finish

Step 4) Produces a mirror like shine and used for regular maintenance

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