Microcement Resin Stucco


Resin Stucco is a resin, quartz and different grain aggregate based decorative product. It’s made with raw materials with low environmental impact, therefore it is non-toxic, odourless and non-flammable. Thanks to its flexibility it can be applied on wood, metal, ceramic, glass, concrete, render, plasterboard etc. Due to its excellent adhesion power it can be applied directly on ceramic tiles avoiding demolition and disposal.

Resin Stucco is available in Extra Fine, Fine and Medium. 


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Extra Fine – 5kg, Fine – 5kg, Fine – 20kg, Medium – 20kg

Microcement Resin Stucco

Microcement Resin Stucco allows builders and professionals to achieve the seamless and stripped back appearance of concrete. Microcement Resin Stucco is a blend of aggregate and quartz for a smooth, soft finish that can be applied to floors, walls and furniture with total adhesion strength. This makes Microcement Resin Stucco ideal for those wishing to renovate or freshen up the appearance of their home, as it does not require the existing material to be removed. 

Microcement Resin Stucco is the ideal product for kitchens and bathrooms. It is hygienic, easy to clean, anti-slip, mould-free and does not stain.

NOTE: Microcement Resin Stucco is for use by experienced professionals. Please call our team on 1300 132 679 if you have any questions. Alternatively, please submit an enquiry via our online enquiry form

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