Iper Vetro


Epoxy resin 2 part especially designed for vertical surface over Venetian Plaster finishes Istinto and Muro naturale. It has a particularly dense formula which helps to provide the best durability, resistance and waterproof in the field of the sealers. Iper Vetro is ideal in shower walls, splash backs or wherever high durability and waterproofing is required.



Iper Vetro has the capability to fill open pores and texture up to 1.5 mm making the surface super glossy like glass. Applicable by trowel in 1 or 2 coat. 1 Litre of Iper Vetro will cover 4-8 sqm, 2.5 Litre will cover 10-20 sqm. 

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1 Litre = 4-8 sqm, 2.5 Litre = 10-20 sqm