Excalibur Hand Pads, 60 Grit


Measuring 70mm x 127mm, the Excalibur Hand Pads are almost twice the size of other hand pads. Flexible backing, ideal for complex shapes and able to withstand considerable wear and tear.   

Backed with Velcro for quick load and release. Use these hand pads just like sandpaper or with the optional rubber backer.  

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Even with sophisticated polishing and buffing machines, many contractors will work with hand pads to polish some portions of concrete. Good quality hand pads are simple to work with and will polish concrete surfaces to desired finish.  

Hand pads allow precision. Control the angle, direction, pressure and polish of the pads to get the best possible finish. Hand pads are ideal for thin concrete surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom countertops. Hand pads are also great for hard-to-reach concrete areas including curves and crevices.   

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