Buddy Rhodes Water Reducer 310 – 1.82kg


Water Reducer 310 is a unique and powerful powdered polycarboxylate plasticizer designed to significantly reduce water requirements. Water Reducer 310 will make even the most stubborn mixes flowable but must be carefully managed to avoid segregation of mix components.

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Dosage Rate: 0.05%- 1.5% of Cement Weight

The ultimate indicator of an overdosage of plasticizer is segregation of the mix. Make test batches prior to production to ensure optimum dosage. Water Reducer 310 has 10 times the potency of Water Reducer 205.

(Formerly Super Flowz)

Adding Water Reducers will increase workability of concrete mixes that have a low water to cement ratio. Maintaining a low water to cement ratio is critical for reaching optimal strength in the cured matrix.

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